Incredulous Eye

This was a hard hitting, uncompromising and slightly scurrilous blog I wrote many years ago and for many years.

The original motivation was the absence of any  form of objective criticism of public figures and public bodies on the islands, and I took it upon muskeg to stir this up.

I really, really, upset some thin skinned people  but I like to think that the majority of readers welcomed a broadly objective view on the short comings of those in the public eye.

Sadly, the press in the Westen Isles seem to have two settings:

  • Public shaming – Mr MacLeod of (address) was found guilty of drunk driving. Or,
  • Straight publication of a press release – MSP saves Lewis village from earthquake

The Stornoway Gazette has a third mode, which is to reprint Johnston Press articles as ‘local news’ mainly due to sacking all the sub editors.  it is not uncommon to have articles about the Selkirk as local news.

Much of this blog will only make sense if you are from the islands, but the tone will be clear

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